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Personal liability insurance with higher coverage levels

Personal liability insurance with higher coverage levels
The scope is very different in different liability insurance. The policyholder must pay particular attention to the amount of insurance coverage (coverage). The sums insured for each zone can be found here. The scope of insurance in civil liability includes, among others, use on the road as pedestrians and cyclists. For the car, the PHV does not offer insurance because you need at least one automobile liability insurance.

Comparing liability insurance

Comparison liability insurance is often made solely on price, but you get this for a few dollars more than a personal liability insurance cheap with just a high coverage cannot be high enough in the extreme case of damage. Just think of the tanker, which damaged a building by the negligence of a cyclist, while more fuel goes into the ground. These damages are not to pay out of pocket. If in addition to the driver of the tanker or something happens, can damage quickly run into the millions and then everyone is happy that he has achieved high coverage.

What people have insurance coverage?

The question which persons are insured in the first time to complete personal liability insurance is legitimate. The policyholder is of course sure to choose a family rate is also the insured spouse or significant other, important is that the two live together. In a family rate, children are insured, it is important to pay attention to the age of the child, because until the age of 7 years, a child is considered incapable of crime and therefore are assured that if children with disabilities are included in Tort insurance coverage. Children who are of legal age and are not in education or university must complete a personal responsibility itself. Training should begin seamlessly after school and must also start studying seamlessly after school or training.

What is the liability?

People BGB other cause damage accidentally liable to pay compensation. Requests damages as already written for people, property and financial damage. The liability insurance covers such claims and defends, but also simultaneously unjustified claims. In principle, the PHV is in this case as legal protection insurance. Personal responsibility does not pay if the damage is caused intentionally. With gross negligence it comes to how negligence is classified, which can vary from zero to 50 percent means nothing.

Extensions of coverage in liability insurance

In addition to the normal scope of coverage, there are still coverage extensions:
  • Include incompetent offense (children under 7 years)
  • Loss of foreign key (service)
  • Cover Bad Debt
  • Damage caused by the substance borrowed and rented
Of particular interest is the coverage of bad debt because you get your claims also replaced if the damage that the damage cannot pay.

End Liability Insurance

The normal contract must be canceled in writing three months before the expiration, if the contract is automatically extended for one year. After a loss, the insurance company may, within 4 weeks after the damage has been dealt with immediately or be terminated at the end of the insurance year.


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