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Autumn - time to insure cottages

Nearing the end of the annual battle for the harvest is approaching closure of the summer season. Leaving this bastion of garden fun unattended for a whole winter, you should take care of the safety of the property and garden summer houses. It's time to think about the insurance problem.

The arsenal offers insurers for property insurance options are available as full insurance coverage, providing a full package of risks and a detailed inventory of the insured property, and the simpler the program with a unified policy and minimum draw up documents. The final selection of the correct option - it is entirely your decision.

However, choosing this option, you should consider a few things. First, the simplified policy, saving the time to complete, otherwise you lose your opportunity to describe in detail your building. In such policies other than the owner and the address of the buildings indicates only the basic material and the total sum insured. Based on these data, validating the underwriter is unable to assess the adequacy of this amount, so it relies on your information. Inconsistency of the sum insured real cost structure can be resolved only at the stage of claims, which will reduce its size.

If the sum insured for insurance was too high, and after examination of the insured event showed that the victim was the object actually costs less to be offset only the amount, which was defined by experts. This condition is the lack of compensation in excess of the actual value of the lost property is inherent in all policies of property insurance and fully complies with legal standards. So do not try to inflate the value of your property, it will only lead to an increase in the premium.

If the insured amount was underestimated and the real value of the property will be determined more by experts, there is a proportional insurance. I.e. situation, when the property was not originally insured for full value. This again will reduce the insurance benefit.

In addition, simplified policies have limits on the amount received the sum insured, and maybe your building does not pass these restrictions.

Another drawback of the simplified programs is a given coverage. It can be a complete package or can insure only one particular risk. Therefore, if you are completely sure of the definition of the sum insured and choose easy policy, find out exactly what the risks are in the coating. Cheaper rate here is just due to the minimization of risks. For example, included only one risk, "Fire", and thus damaged parts of the building as a result of theft and robbery of action - not recognized by the insured event.

Against this background, the filling of the complete set of documents in the standard insurance does not look like this is horrific. Detailed inventory of buildings, indicating materials of construction and finish, their square footage and number of storey, the underwriter can relate your chosen sum insured to the real value of the structure and to avoid confusion at the early stage of the contract. In some cases, the solid value of the property may be required to provide photographs of buildings. This is one of the measures to prevent fraud, as well as more proof of the value of the objects.

In determining the tariff on the basis of a detailed statement, only those risks that you choose for yourself, as well as security measures at the site: the presence of the village, fire and security alarm systems will provide the basis for a discount. As a result, spending a little more time, you get more than adequate insurance coverage at an attractive price.


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