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Corporate insurance combines employer and employee

Today one of the methods of promoting insurance is corporate insurance. In this case, it involves not only comprehensive property insurance and the staff of the organization, accountability to partners and customers, the concept of corporate interests and then extrapolated to the interests of employees, their personal belongings and family members. In other words, insurance companies try to reach all potential policyholders - individuals belonging to a field of view and range of available at the conclusion of insurance contracts with their employers.

And this tactic does not make sense. If employees have seen an insurance case in the manufacturing or corporate get VHI or accident insurance, and have seen the good work of the insurer at the stage payments, it certainly contributes to their credibility to the insurer, and can facilitate the acquisition of the policy on personal means on other species. But even if the insured event does not occur, the insurance of the partner, which guide entrusted to guard the corporate interests, says a lot about the company's reliability. And to finally tip the scales in their favor insurers offer their policyholders additional staff discounts are. All this allows insurers to expand its insurance portfolio, improve its balance through many areas of work and ultimately improve the loss ratio, which is their good.

Looking at the situation from the perspective of the employee, in such circumstances, and with the requirements of the insurance policy - a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity. And the system of discounts offered by insurance companies, as a rule, involves increasing discounts on every purchase policy. And if the sequence to calculate the acquisition of insurance can be a decent save. Thus, the accident insurance is the cheapest form, buying yourself or for the whole family such a policy can save 3-5%, following insurance will be cheaper by 5-7% already, you can insure your apartment or cottage, but when the discount reaches 8 - 10%, or even 15%, you can buy a policy benefit hull. The only species where you cannot count on additional discounts - this CTP.

Another plus is that cooperation is more attention to the problems of the insurer of the insured in such enterprise projects. Availability of insurance contracts with an employer discipline an insurer, as a disgruntled employee (and especially if there are many) can affect the decision of management for future cooperation, because if the insurer has a problem with the payment of relatively small losses on insurance policies of individuals, what will happen to a loss when the insurance case in manufacturing.

For the employer, such coverage insurance services and friendly staff of the insurance company on the one hand shows good returns of their subordinates, who is what and what to insure. On the other hand wise leaders skillfully use this as an additional method of motivation, as part of the employee benefits package. Many are beginning to expand programs LCA, offering employees insurance claims increase due to their individual contributions or to join the program of family members. All this allows the staff to help solve some of their unexpected health problems with the property, and thus speed up the return to normal operation after the resolution of problems. All of this has an impact on the performance of the team, reduce staff turnover, and contributes to the retention of key employees.

Thus, we can say with confidence that corporate projects in the field of insurance combined employer and staff into one team, helps jointly solve a lot of problems.

I wish us all such employers with reliable insurance partners!


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